Full Service Market Research

JRA Research is a full service market research agency offering a wide range of Research Solutions and Services. Established in 1978, we are one of the UK’s most experienced independent market research companies.

Our Director led research team will listen to you to understand your own objectives and priorities. What we learn from you will be used to develop a cost-effective research approach providing timely, reliable and actionable results.

At JRA we pride ourselves on delivering enjoyable, engaging, interactive and effective debriefs.  We like to tell a compelling story and deliver inspiring insight.

To talk further about our Research Solutions, email or call Terry Wagstaff or Ally Armitstead on 0115 9551133

If you already know what you want, but need some help getting it done, then let us make your life easier. Our Fieldwork, Scripting and Analysis pages will show you some of what we can do.


We are the sole UK partner for GlobalNR - a multi-country consortium of International research companies...

Eating Outlook

A service which provides you with invaluable insights into what is driving eating out trends in the UK...

Chef's Panel

We have added to our services for the Foodservice/Catering sector by acquiring an online panel of chefs...

Technology Research

Our combination of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm makes us the ideal technology research partner...